Proposition A will inflict devastating consequences on our community and on many iconic Austin cultural events and institutions.

You may have heard that Prop A has something to do with the new soccer team coming to town. However, the drafters of the proposition wrote it so poorly that it likely has no bearing on professional soccer, while having a terrible effect on local culture and activities.

Austin’s soul is rooted in music, community spaces, and cultural arts. We cannot allow a small group of people to damage a large part of our community fabric because of a misguided attempt to stop a construction project.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Proposition A would require that organizations like the Long Center, the YMCA, the Trail of Lights, West Austin Youth Association (WAYA), the Kite Festival, AISD, or other similar groups that rent City Land or property for sports or entertainment purposes to do the following:


pay property taxes to the city of austin

This provision would even apply to currently tax exempt leases and force organizations like the Long Center to pay over $2.5 million annually to the City above and beyond their current budget and payments. AISD would be required to annually pay the City for ball fields and tennis courts, and the North Austin YMCA would start paying over $200,000.

post performance bonds

Post performance bonds that could cause City partners such as Butler Pitch & Putt to post a bond of $12.5 million, and also impact the other organizations like AISD, YMCA, WAYA, and the Long Center.

voter approval for new agreements

Receive voter approval for new agreements or renewals, forcing the City to hold May and off-year November elections that cost around $600,000 each in order to keep places like the YMCA open or to expand such places.


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If passed, Proposition A has the potential of causing real harm, and in some cases could have major consequences to many iconic Austin cultural events and institutions. We need your help to fight back against this careless proposition. Click below to get involved.



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